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Electric Car Charging

E-Mobility by Mennekes 

Discover e-mobility: driving sustainable innovation for tomorrow's journeys.

Mennekes - Top Quality German Brand

Easy and convenient charging at home

Charging an electric car at home with Tsmart Systems epitomizes simplicity, safety, and flexibility. With the ease of just plugging in, homeowners can effortlessly power up their vehicles. Tsmart Systems offers not just conventional charging, but also an eco-friendly boost with solar charging options. Moreover, for those prioritizing security and personalized access, Tsmart's RFID card system ensures that your charging station remains exclusive to you. Dive into the future of e-mobility and experience advanced home charging solutions with Tsmart Systems.

Mennekes charger with woman

User-friendly and suitable for everyday use

Thanks to its sleek and compact design, our charging solution fits perfectly even in the tiniest of garages. Operating it is a breeze, with all controls conveniently located on the device itself.

Our solution is compatible with all modern electric vehicles and boasts user-friendly features. Its 7.5-metre cable is designed for easy coiling, and it can be securely hung directly on the charger. A prominent LED display, visible from several metres away, showcases the operating mode and charging status. With this Mode 3 wallbox, which comes with an integrated onboard charger and a powerful output of up to 22 kW, charging your electric vehicle becomes quicker and more efficient than ever!

Mennekes charger with man

Advantages at a glance

  • Charging power of up to 7.4, 11 or 22 kW 

  • Thanks to IP54 ingress protection, the charger can also be installed outdoors 

  • Compatible with all new electric vehicles 

  • 7.5 m charging cable with type 2 plug 

  • Low standby power consumption (approx. 1 W) in sleep mode 

  • Integrated fault current detection 

  • Easy-to-read status LEDs 

  • Integrated cable storage for convenient everyday use 

  • Simply plug in and start charging without entering a code 

Compatible energy management systems

Home energy management systems have many functions: They determine and analyze energy consumption, show where energy can be saved and ultimately ensure that the energy efficiency of your home increases permanently and only the costs decrease, but not the performance.

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